09:00 to  13:00 Pre-Conference Workshop: 
Build an Inclusive Cover Story that makes a Difference with Simone Sloane & Rich Batchelor (additional registration required)
16:00 Conference Registration Opens
17:00 Welcome and Opening Ceremony
17:30 Keynote: The Church of Change: Stephan & Sander Ummelen
18:30 Break
19:00 Learning Journey I – Define: Simone Sloan & Hilton Barbour
20:00 Close

09:00 Welcome & Learning Journey II – Challenge
10:30 Workshops 1
– How Shared Values Shape a Collective Identity: Rik Berbé
– The interplay of trust and values – does trust influence values or do values influence trust? Edu van der Werf & Leslie Willett Black
– Living Workplace Values: Shawn Draisey & Aldeen Simmonds Thorpe
– Activate Your Values: Nick Gibson
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Learning Journey III – Challenge
14:00 Workshops 2
– Why 79% of values are Bullshit: Stephan Ummelen
– From Harmful to Helpful. Finding the Values Beneath Our Judgements: Josh Stein
– Don’t Let Anyone Turn Your Sky Into a Ceiling: Sarah Glenister
– Deep-level diversity. Are Values standing in the way of organizational transformation: Sandeep Aujla
15:30 Break
16:00 Workshops 3
– The values of purpose and the purpose of values: Sander Ummelen
– Is Diversity a Value: Giulio Ghirardo & Daniel Guijarro
– Living Your Values: A Hands-on Exploration using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®: Rich Batchelor
– An Attachment Inquiry Beyond the Self & Others: Rachel Anne Kidney & Dimple Don-Liyange
17:30 Learning Journey IV – Challenge
18:00 Close

09:00 Welcome & Learning Journey V – Declare
10:30 Brunch
11:30 Workshops 4
– The Dance of Values- Find rhythm through Peer Coaching: Kerryn Velleman & Jayne Dunn
– Emerging a Play: Peter Gardiner-Harding
– Everyday Living – Embodying you Value: Lindsay Keefe
– Wear Value – A daily opportunity to express our values, and gain a change tool for your work: Kelly Okamura
13:00 Break
13:30 Workshops 5
– Coffee Date with your Future Self: Ginny Santos
– Who are we Portraying to be: Karine & Roderick Barrass
– Living Values: How to slow down and find your purpose in an accelerating world: Dominic Phillippa
– The Value of Values – Cherishing our Calling: Carina Fiedeldey-Van Dijk
15:00 Break
15:30 Mashups
16:30 Learning Journey VI – Declare
17:00 Thank You & Closing Ceremony

Post Conference Masterclass Monday 25 & Tuesday 26

Master your values: a deeper dive for the good of your organization with Stephan & Sander Ummelen (additional registration required)

For those who wish to turn the deep dive of TCD2019 into a hands on experience, our keynote speakers from Values Driven (The Netherlands) offer the chance to immerse yourselves into a post conference, two day masterclass.