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We’re not quite sure what Toronto Change Days 2022 will look like but we know a few things…

We will be celebrating 5 years of the most amazing community driven and facilitated change festival. We want to bring the best of those years together and promise to have both in person and virtual presence available to anyone who joins us. We truly want to bring the best of both and will be anchoring the experience around the November weekend with virtual engagement before, during and after.

We continue to see a world of disuption, disheartening events and change being forced and commanded of people. This is not how change should happen.

In 2021 we agreed on our theme but didn’t realise how much we would need to find our own change powerbases and develop a return to happier, playful times. But we know that the time is right to rediscover a childlike curiosity, a learning pattern of play, a change through cheer and a disruptive navigations through puzzles and more.

The TCD crew are feeling a wee bit o pride.
Toronto Change Days was recommended as one of the top 5
Unique Learning Conferences For Entrepreneurs And Educators To Attend In 2020
by Forbes magazine!
Not bad for our second year!

Toronto Change Days is based on
the highly successful and dynamic ‘Change Days’ model.