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Keynote with Jan Keck explores Connection by Design,

Federico Palacios helps you to Watch Your Language! Michelle Yanahan investigates the Power of the Positive, Kelly Okamura dives into Climate Action, David Donaldson give you an energy boost and Hilton Barbour uncovers Culture, Culture, Culture!

Social Presencing Theatre With Daniel Guijarro & Giulio Ghirardo

A series of asynchronous, lead your own learning opportunities

Great networking, community collaboration and a fun week full of learning and maybe one or two suprprises!

The past year has seen some of the greatest changes in the way people engage with each other. We thought this would be a good stepping off point for Toronto Change Days 2021.

  • How has the integration of digital communications, social media and other virtual practices, to bring people together while apart worked for you?
  • Are you discovering new ways to work and play with friends, colleagues and clients?
  • Do you understand the cultural challenges of engagement? How did 2020 reshape your thoughts?
  • Is inclusion and belong a reshaping of engagement, or is it more revolution than evolution?
  • What is your take on our theme? What do you want to say? How do you want to share your thoughts? Are you ready to engage?

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The TCD crew are feeling a wee bit o pride.
Toronto Change Days was recommended as one of the top 5
Unique Learning Conferences For Entrepreneurs And Educators To Attend In 2020
by Forbes magazine!
Not bad for our second year!

Toronto Change Days is based on
the highly successful and dynamic ‘Change Days’ model.