Jan Keck, Key Note

Jan Keck is a community addict. He is the creator of ASK DEEP QUESTIONS, which started out as a deck of cards to help his friends connect on a camping trip and is now being used to facilitate meaningful conversations through sharing personal and vulnerable stories on every continent around the globe.

Jan’s mission is to help people feel less alone, so by creating experiences, workshops and programs he is fueling the movement for deeper human connection. His work has been featured on TEDx, CBC News, Breakfast TV, Cityline and HuffPost and he is currently building a community of facilitators that design the MAGICAL HUMAN MOMENTS online.

Daniel Guijarro, Learning Journey Host

Daniel Guijarro is a facilitator and consultant, he is interested in exploring ways in which individuals and organisations can grow and contribute to wider changes in mind-sets, relations and identities and more equitable realities. He has over 18 years experience in international development and organisational change facilitating organisational learning/change and strategic planning processes in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East, as well as in the UK and Spain. His approach draws on experience in applying participatory and empowerment approaches to change processes and promoting inclusive spaces where different stakeholders can engage in generative dialogues. His current professional interest includes exploring the use of comedy and humour for serious learning.

Giulio Ghirardo, Learning Journey Host

Giulio Ghirardo is curious and passionate about how social change happens and how humans relate to one another in different contexts, cultures and environments. He has been working as consultant/facilitator for the last 17 years mainly in the international development sector; mainly, as advisor for organizations and facilitator on monitoring and evaluation, Theory of Change and Strategic planning. He uses cognitive and non-cognitive learning methods, which allow the body to reconnect with the mind to maximize learning. He has been living abroad for the last 13 years, before in East Africa and then in UK. Recently, moved back to Torino his hometown in Italy as he was kind of missing his own roots and most of all, the mountains.

Our Workshop Facilitators

Federico Palacios

Federico (Fede) Palacios is a communication, negotiation and influencing expert who is as honest, vulnerable and present as it gets. His expertise include Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Timeline Therapy (TLT), Hypnotherapy and almost two decades working with high-growth, globe-spanning organizations and their teams on conflict resolution, improving collaboration and securing connections with both target audiences and team members. Now, he’s bringing his energy, experience and talent from the corporate world to the personal, helping people fully understand themselves and how to properly engage with others, especially during separation or divorce.

Michelle Yanahan

Michelle is the Principal and Owner of ChangeFit 360 and is a passionate organizational change management strategist & thought leader with proven expertise in executing programs that enhance and grow organizational change management. Michelle has 18+ years progressive business experience in leadership roles and holds a Masters in Organizational Behavior as well as CCMP and Prosci ADKAR change management certifications.

Michelle has been a featured presenter for many industry associations and is a faculty member at several universities.

David Donaldson

David has 30-ish years doing this! He is a master facilitator and critical thinker known for bringing people together in respectful conversation, his unabashed curiosity brings new vigor to difficult conversations leaving them with a new and different perspective.

Hilton Barbour

Hilton is an avowed curiosity junkie whose motto is “Question Everything”. A marketer by trade, his passion is the intersection of strategy, change and culture to ensure strategies get executed and humans can thrive. Ideally at the same time in the same environment! His popular blog includes over 60 interviews on culture transformation and other musings. A long-time fan of Toronto Change Days, this will be his first-time running a session. He can’t wait!

Kelly Okamura

Kelly is an experienced change agent, able to lead change-making projects. With more than 25 years of change-making in design intelligence, she is now part of a small team researching systems changes in year 4 of a 10 year project. In her neighbourhood, she is working on a new form of retail that moves us closer towards her goal of circular product design where the make/sell of new products is profitable, while respecting people and planet.

Barbara Trautlein

Barbara A. Trautlein, PhD is author of the best-selling book Change Intelligence: Use the Power of CQ to Lead Change that Sticks, principal and founder of Change Catalysts, and originator of the CQ® System for Developing Change Intelligence®. For over 30 years, Barbara has coached executives, trained leaders at all levels, certified change agents, and facilitated mission-critical change management initiatives – achieving bottom-line business and powerful leadership results for clients. In 2015 she had the honor of being awarded Change Management Consultant of the Year by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) Midwest Chapter. She is gifted at sharing strategies and tactics that are accessible, actionable, and immediately applicable. Her blend of research and real-world expertise makes her an in-demand speaker at conferences in around the globe. Barbara has a unique ability to connect with her audiences, from C-level executives in Fortune 500 organizations to front line employees, and across industries, from steel mills to sales teams, refineries to retail outlets, and healthcare to high tech. Clients served include Abbott Laboratories, BP, Cisco, Deloitte, Save the Children, and York University. Barbara holds a doctorate in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan.