We need your help

We are looking for volunteers to support the organizing and successful running of the conference. If you are interested in helping with any of the following areas please get in touch:

  • Workshop and Presentation Selection
  • Event Planning, Marketing and Promotion
  • Logistics and administration
  • On site support
  • Technology opportunities

Please email help@torontochangedays.com

All volunteers will receive a free entry to the 2018 Toronto Change Days

Welcome to Toronto Change Days

Following the enormous success of Berlin Change Days, and idea started to form to bring to Toronto the same high energy, knowledge sharing, community spirited vibe that happens every year in Berlin.

2018 will be the first year of this conference and what better than to start with a simple ABC of change.

A for Agility: Whether you are talking agile, flexibility or nimbleness, 2016 was the birth of organizations recognize the need to be responsive and less restrictive in their approaches to change. We want to explore how organizations and individuals have made the best of an agile world.

B for Boundaries: The world is full of hurdles, closed doors and bureaucracy challenging the way change happens at every corner. We need to explore what are the boundaries we face and how can we successfully recognize and find safe pathways around or over them.

C for Curiosity: Without a question there can be no answer, so without the right question there can be no right answer. Nabakov said Curiosity is insubordination in its purest form but without curiosity there is no evolution or change in the world. How should we maximize our Curiosity to challenge societal needs for compliance in a constructive way?