ability to move with quick easy grace
quick resourceful and adaptable character


a dividing line
a line that indicates or marks a limit or extent


desire to know
interest leading to inquiry

Toronto Change Days is not your traditional conference.

Based on the highly successful annual adventure of Berlin Change Days, Toronto Change Days emphasizes experiential learning over lecturing. We encourage our presenters to take risks, and to be highly creative and engaging. We encourage our participants to jump in, and be bold and daring in sharing their experiences and their desire to learn. We value human relationships and connection, and drop the sales pitches.

If you want to attend a conference that’s all about adding to your collection of anonymous business cards between sitting back and watching PowerPoint presentations, Toronto Change Days isn’t for you.

But if you are a change agent, a change disruptor or a change navigator who would love to meet a great group of dynamic people enthused and keen to learn about change, this is your kind of space!

Come and meet your change community!

The inaugural Toronto Change Days will explore how change professionals can be useful in a contemporary global environment of high disruption through the themes of ‘Agility’, ‘Boundaries’ and ‘Curiosity’.

How do individuals and organisations acquire the agility to be responsive rather than reactive, adaptive rather than passive, and anticipatory rather than regressive?
How do we remove the barriers that inhibit successful development and restrict potential growth, while respecting the need for barriers to poorly conceived excess and exploitation?
How do we cultivate the curiosity – humankind’s most successful adaptation – to approach, and perceive, and boldly play with innovation for the best possible outcome for the future good of future generations?

Please join us for a brave and playful weekend of discovery, exploration, and relationship building towards becoming confident and progressive catalysts for change!

Change Days Principles

Change Days Principles

Capacity building and transformation happen at the same time when people are in a space in which they feel confident to experiment.

Everyone is a co-creator of their own and the collective experience.

Members of the faculty provide both their focused contributions and engage into the wider experience, equal to the audience they serve.

High quality contributions and deep insights are crucial to create trust in the process and to inspire participants.

The learning journey is integral to the experience and begins before and continues after the event.

In the learning journey we give room to breathe and time for individual and collective sense-making.

The design reinforces the fact that emotions and creativity are integral parts of any learning experience.

Toronto Change Days is modelled after
the highly successful and dynamic annual Berlin Change Days.

Rich Batchelor, Toronto Change Days’ ‘Conductor-in-Chief’, introduces the Berlin Change Days concept, and announces the first Toronto Change Days event.