The People of 2022

We have a fantastic array of people making 2022 our best year ever! Come and feel The Power of Play with all these amazing folks…

Lennart Nacke

2022 Keynote

Lennart Nacke, PhD, is a Professor of UX Research and Design for games with two decades of successful experience researching games and gamification. He specializes in the cognitive and emotional aspects of player experience in video games.

As a result of his passion for player research, he has published 200+ papers, was recognized as one of 10 HCI scholars of the last decade and listed among the 2% of scientists worldwide based on citations and application of his research.

Professor Nacke is passionate about how we can use games and play to increase our wellbeing and health to live more fulfilled lives. His approach to life is to keep it playful and to socialize over karaoke at conferences. You can find him writing daily on social media and his website as the acagamic.

Learning Journey Hosts

Robin Vandekleut

Dr. Behnaz Gholami

David Donaldson

Playzone Enablers

Kaitlin de Graaf

Kate Wetherow

Vince Schutt

Workshop Facilitators

Barbara Trautlein

Carina Fiedeldey-Van Dijk

Courtney McLeod

Dan Eng

Jacqueline Kappers

Kerryn Miller

Kirsten Anderson

Nik Beeson

Roxana Radulescu

Scott Tate

Thea Costache

Sarah Glenister