Engaging people in Change using Swing Dancing as a metaphor

What is your role in Change? Are you an external Change Facilitator, an in-house Change Manager or a Manager who needs to lead through Change? Perhaps you switch between them all? Perhaps you also experience Change from an employee perspective?

As we being to meet in person again, what is shifting for you? Have you forgotten how to be with others (sometimes you really want that mute button)?

Inviting people into a change process and what it takes to maintain that connection until the end is what we will be exploring in this interactive workshop. We will be working through some behavioural science techniques and cocreate our own resource to use regardless of the role in Change you are dancing to.

Key outcome:  Practical experience of using dance as a metaphor for conversations about change, as well as exploring the dynamics of relationship and experimentation.

Learning outcomes & experiences

  • Learn some basic Swing Dancing moves
  • Explore some behavioural science frameworks and how they can be applied
  • Develop your own resource to take away

Join us on Friday November 18th from 9am – 1pm for this funfilled exploration with great energy and opportunities to learn something new!

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