Student Placement Agreement

All students enrolled in a program of study that has mandatory work-integrated learning placements, AND all students who opt for a work-integrated learning option in their program of study, MUST complete the Student Placement Agreement and the FedUni Medical Declaration and Reasonable Adjustment Request Form (PDF, 242kb). We currently have reference agreements with most of the major hospital systems in Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse. We may have to start an agreement process with other hospitals, and it is a process that can take anywhere from 6 weeks to a year. There is no guarantee that an agreement can be reached for all locations. The SPA provides standardized conditions under which students from education providers can be placed with internship providers in order to receive education and training. Information on the Standardized Entry into Studies Protocol can be found in the Standardized Introduction Protocol for Students section. Although spa is not mandatory, the dhHS strongly encourages health services that offer internships for clinical health students to use the protocol. The Public Hospital Student Placement Agreement was originally developed in 2006 to help clinical internship providers and education providers formalize their partnerships. Students without an internship agreement at the application deadline will be placed on a waiting list or the opportunity to postpone their application to the next cycle while we work on the agreement. The Office of Clinical Partnerships (OCP) uses the web-based DocuSign Authorized User System to prepare and obtain authoritative signatures for Academic Affiliation and Student Placement Agreements (APAs). DocuSign provides a mechanism to (1) track the status of each agreement and (2) search a central repository for fully executed agreements. This is a legal agreement between the university and your internship location that allows you and your preceptor to complete your RNFA clinical internship at the location of your choice. Even if your preceptor and operating room support your clinical placement, we must still work with the hospital administration to reach an agreement that covers all students who will be doing clinical placements there.

The single placement agreement must be uploaded to InPlace so that it can be viewed and used by academic staff. This Agreement is downloaded by the investment administrators for the individual investment. The various internship agreements for students are part of the policy and procedures requirements for on-the-job training and practical placement requirements The university is required to regularly review and renew students` overall internship agreements tailored to the specific requirements of an external internship provider when a student internship contract is initiated by an external internship provider. These practicum agreements are required for specific requirements of the ASA.B, for example, for ongoing clinical placement agreements in a number of disciplines and programs. There are five main types of student internship agreements used at Federation University that support the mandatory requirements for all students who complete any type of work-integrated learning as part of their program or courses at the Federation University. These can take the following form: If FedUni has an ongoing relationship with an external provider that offers multiple, regular and consistent internships for FedUni students, the WIL coordinator must apply for a global internship agreement. All comprehensive agreements must be requested from the Legal Service using a request for legal form. Ongoing clinical placements for FedUni students with external health care providers in the public and private health sectors follow the guidelines of the Victoria Department of Health and Social Services. To learn more about using DocuSign to process academic affiliation and student placement agreements, including scheduling individual counseling or group services, please contact Saudia E. Rodriques-Hill. NOTE: The DocuSign Agreement Details template must be completed for each non-standard agreement provided by the sponsor that is uploaded. The agreement is usually signed by a senior official of the institution, the president of the e.

B.dem, CHIEF Executive Officer or Chief Nursing Officer. The completed and signed student placement agreement between the student and FedUni must be uploaded to your personal student profile in the InPlace internship system. All original copies of the fully signed organizational placement agreement, the individual placement agreement and the foreign placement agreement must be kept with the legal department of the Federal University. . IMPORTANT: There is no access to OCP shared templates until (a) an account has been created and (b) it has been linked to the shared folder. . Guidelines for On-the-Job Training and Internship Requirements (Policy Code: LT1711). Currently, DocuSign is being verified DocuSign does not need an account to sign documents.

Internship coordinators and other authorized users who initiate and edit SPAs must create their own DocuSign ASU account. The Student Placement Agreement (PSE) was reviewed by the Pre-Placement Information Working Group, established in 2018. It was composed of representatives from universities, health services and the Department of Health and Social Services (DHHS). The proposed amendments to the SPA were welcomed by the health sector, with 95% believing that standardization has benefits. Scanned copies of the organization`s mediation agreements must be uploaded to InPlace for inspection and use by university staff. If you have any questions about this process, you can contact the Centre for Lifelong Learning at (585) 275-0446 or We can start the process as soon as an application has been submitted. To expedite this process, we recommend that you submit your application as soon as possible and find the right contact person at your institution (see below).

NOTE: Due to ASU`s single sign-on process, all DocuSign accounts are created with your (asuriteusername) The “classic” view is recommended and can be customized to meet the needs of your department. To make it easier for you, you can also stay in touch with your institution`s office. . The most important thing you can do is to make sure that you provide us with the right contact person in your establishment. This is usually one of the following offices: filling out the essential documents provides the following information. .