Service Agreement Sec

4.1 Fresh and fresh. The customer pays the company all the costs mentioned in Schedule A (“royalties”). These fees expect services to begin within one hundred and eighty days (180) from the effective date. If the Services do not start at or before the date that is a hundred and eighty (180) days after the effective date, these fees will be automatically adjusted based on the company`s current rates and charges for these services. The customer reimburses the company for all reasonable expenses and expenses incurred by the company in the performance of the services provided under this agreement, including reasonable travel and accommodation costs. 6.2 Non-use and non-disclosure. The receiving party will use the disclosure party`s confidential information exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations and exercising its rights under this agreement. The receiving party will not disclose confidential information of the public party to third parties or staff members of that party, except that, subject to Section 6.3, the receiving party may disclose the confidential information of the public party to the employees and contractors of the receiving party, who are required to have the necessary information to fulfill the obligations of the receiving party and to exercise the rights of the receiving party in accordance with the this agreement. , provided, however, that these workers or contractors are subject to a confidentiality agreement whose conditions are no less restrictive than those contained in them. If the receiving party is legally required to make a prohibited or restricted disclosure by other means by this agreement, the receiving party will immediately inform the receiving party of this requirement in writing prior to disclosure, in order to allow the disclosure party to request a protection decision or other appropriate facility. Subject to the above sentence, the receiving party may issue that part (and only that part) of confidential information, which it is legally required to disclose or otherwise subject to the law; However, provided that the recipient party provides such support that the unveiling party can reasonably request for such an injunction or any other facility at the choice and expense of the revealing party. b) the use of restrictions.

The customer cannot decompile himself or through an agent or a third party: (a) decompinate: disassemble, re-edit or attempt to circumvent the source code or the underlying ideas, algorithms, structures or organizations of the delivery items, or (ii) prevent, bypass, remove, disable, disable or otherwise bypass the mechanisms of protection of the software in the components. , including, but not limited to, these mechanisms used to limit or control the functionality of delivery components (unless the above provisions do not apply to such activities should not be prohibited under existing legislation); (b) to sell, lease, under-concede, under-concede, distribute or make available all or part of the benefits to third parties or others; (c) modify or produce works derived from delivery components; (d) to use or reproduce the components of the delivery, unless expressly authorized by this agreement; or (e) use the delivery elements to provide processing services to third parties or to use delivery items for other purposes on the basis of a service office.