Pc Financial Mastercard Cardholder Agreement

If you do not pay at least the minimum payment due until the payment due due for two consecutive settlement periods, the late interest rate will be applied to your account balance. More information can be found in the “Standing Up” section of your cardholder contract. If you have registered your dispute online with www.pcfinancial.ca/mastercard, please email your support file to our dispute resolution team at: If you correctly answer security questions when making an online purchase with a participating retailer, PC Financial Mastercard confirms that you are the cardholder and authorizes you to continue your purchase. If the security issues are not resolved, the purchase will not pass. Even if someone knew your card number, they would not be able to use your account with that dealer. If you buy online from a participating retailer, a field can appear automatically and ask security questions. If you answer security questions correctly, PC Financial Mastercard confirms that you are the authorized cardholder and allows your purchase to continue. We`ve grouped all transactions (except payment activities that are listed separately), minus all returns and sub-totals calculated for each cardholder in your account. Now you can see exactly who spent what. These sub-totals include all transactions with a PayPass sticker or mobile wallet account that may be linked to your card. Payments are displayed in a separate section of the billing. The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) oversees federal financial institutions such as president`s Choice Bank. If you have a complaint about a possible violation of the federal Consumer Protection Act, you can write to THE FCAC: Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, 427 Laurier Avenue West, 6th Floor, Ottawa ON ON K1R 1B9 or via the atwww.fcac-acfc.gc.ca website.

The FCAC will determine whether the financial institution is complying with the regulations. However, it will not resolve individual consumer complaints. Account Balance Insurance – Spouses` Right If you sign up for the optional Account Guarantee Insurance Program (“ABPS”) and pay the necessary premiums, ABPS makes a monthly payment equal to 5% of your President`s Choice Financial Mastercard balance (“Account”) at the time of your spouse`s disability or job loss for up to 20 consecutive months in the event of disability, up to age 65 (the person must work, work or work (the person must have worked at least 30 hours per week for at least 3 consecutive months with the same employer before the termination date); a monthly payment of 5% of your balance on the first day of the week. Hospitalization up to $500 if your spouse or spouse is hospitalized for more than 2 consecutive days until age 75; and the remaining balance payable in your account (a payment of $15,000 or less) after the death of your or your spouse, accidental dismemberment or the first diagnosis of a critical illness (cancer, heart attack or stroke) until the age of 75.