Okta Reseller Agreement

12.12. Full agreement. These conditions, as well as the customer`s order form, constitute the whole agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement and all prior or simultaneous written or oral agreements between the parties, including confidentiality agreements, which relate to the purpose of this agreement, are expressly annulled. The parties agree that any condition or condition indicated in the customer`s order or in any other customer order documentation (except the customer`s order forms) is invalid. In case of conflict or contradictions between the following documents, the hierarchy is as follows: (1) these conditions, (2) the applicable order form of the client and (3) the documentation. Any amendment, amendment or waiver of a provision of these conditions only has effect if they have not been signed in writing and by both parties. Any non-application of a provision of these conditions does not constitute a waiver of that or other provision. 4. Confidentiality. Any party (“party to the receiving party”) may, in the course of its provision and use of the service or the provision of professional services, assistance or training services in the context of this sub-party, receive, access and acquire technical and commercial information from conversations with the other party (“part of disclosure”) that may not be accessible or known to the general public. , such as. B technical and commercial information on the equipment. software, designs, specifications, techniques, processes, processes, research, development, projects, products or services, business plans or opportunities, business strategies, finance, costs, suppliers, penetration results and other security information; Error and support information and metrics; and audit reports and first- and third-tier certificates and other proprietary or confidential third-party information that is treated confidentially by the revealing party (“Confidential Information”).

Confidential information does not contain customer data and, if applicable, does not contain information or material that was generally known to the public at the reference date; (b) to be known to the public after the time comes into force, with due course, as a result of the act or omission of the receiving party; (c) the receiving party was rightly known by the public party prior to its receipt; (d) are generally disclosed or disclosed by the unveiling party without a limit on advertising; (e) the receiving party who received it legally from a third party without the third party having breached an agreement or an obligation of trust; or (f) be developed independently of the receiving party, as shown by the documents and other competent evidence held by the receiving party.