Ndis Plan Manager Service Agreement

9. Suppliers work directly with you regarding the provision of goods and services and send your invoice to Peak as your plan manager to arrange payment with the NDIS. 4. Agree not to set up a plan management service for people other than you, with the exception of individuals or companies that have the express right to set up a plan management service on behalf of clients. 10. Suppliers are responsible for the quality and effective provision of services and activities as well as their own safety while providing services to you. They have their own ABN and are responsible for their activities as a business entity. Another important role in this scheme is that of NDIS plan managers. They act effectively as intermediaries between service providers and participants to help manage their plan. Its mission is to pay invoices to service providers on behalf of participants.

The agreement begins at the beginning of the plan and remains in place until one or both parties notify each other of their intention to terminate the contract. Respect the relevant conditions, directives, rights and responsibilities of this agreement; and two. Peak will directly claim a monthly fee from the NDIA for the provision of assistance according to the schedule – An improved life choice (support category 14) and at the price set at the time of service. Your access and use to peak plan Management is subject to the following terms and conditions. Meet your specific needs and requirements when making your plan management service available. Peak Plan Management considers, in good faith, that the information provided by the participant/designated representative is true and accurate and that the claims submitted to the Peak Plan Plan Management are a true reflection of the goods and services made available to the participant in accordance with the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013) guidelines. Peak Plan Management cannot request funds from a service reservation in advance before providing or providing services. If you offer plan management services to NDIS participants, it is important to have an agreement between the two of you.