Library Deposit Agreement

All copies or reproductions from the filing are made in strict compliance with current UK copyright law. It is recognized that the retention of the surety does not constitute copyright property and that, if necessary, the authorization is negotiated according to the custom of the trust. There is a preference for copyright, which is assigned as far as possible in the context of the filing. Please read this deposit agreement (“deposit contract”) carefully. By clicking “I agree” and/or creating an account for the Carnegie Mellon University Institutional Deposit (“CMU”), currently known as KiltHub (“Deposit”), you declare that you are a CMU faculty, collaborator or current student, and you agree to the terms of this filing agreement (as well as terms of use and confidentiality policy). The terms of this filing agreement and the declaration of confidentiality are part of the terms of use and are an integral part of these Terms of Use. — you have used the corresponding credits, quotes and/or opinions that correspond to academic practice (and, if necessary, as required by sponsored research or other agreements or obligations); If, for some reason, items remain in the Trust`s Heritage Collection, a copy of the archival and library payment form will be given to the applicant in the form of a receipt. This must be presented when the items are returned to the owner or their representatives. It and the portion of the trust form are signed by the person receiving the items to confirm their receipt in satisfactory condition. The owner (or owner`s representative) and the Trust keep their respective parts of the form. — The material provided is either the work you have, or you have the licenses or permissions to make the materials provided available to the public under the license you have selected. Without restricting the general nature of the previous sentence if the material provided is subject to the terms of an agreement (including, but not limited to a sponsored research price or an NI protocol or consent form) or otherwise held by the Capital Markets Union, you declare that the applicable agreement and the CMU authorize you to file the documents provided and make them available under the license you have selected; The name, email contact and affiliation of the applicant and contacts nominated for the data are part of the metadata data set for the dataset; this information is not published outside the University of Leeds. definition.

As used in this filing agreement, the term “Supplied Material” refers to articles, presentations, posters, documents, data, computer codes, images, sounds and any other type of material or information of any type that you deposit in the repository.