Financial Agreement Forms Dental Office

Present the treatment to each other with financial agreements for review and signature. How fabulous it would be if every team member could easily discuss treatment and finances! Strong!! Your firm`s name, address, telephone number and website can be found above. You can even include a journal here. Or you can even print your financial agreements on stationery. Whatever you decide, you`ll also want to make a copy for your patient diagram! Write a script to use with the dental financial agreement. Each member of the dental office team will use their own personality and style. However, if a script can be used, important details will still be included. Practice the presentation of the treatment with the script and the financial agreement. Mark late dental accounts after 30 days Mark late dental accounts[…] The dental treatment presented and the cost are included afterwards. For example, I would write: “Crowns on teeth #18 & #19. (2 crowns) Estimated total cost of $2428.00. The first step to keeping your collection rate high and your debts low is good communication. Good communication that includes options for your patient is best.

Leave no room for misunderstandings or misunderstandings. This dental financial agreement is a great tool to help you with that! There will always be unpaid money in the accounts receivable. Prepayment financing options will help reduce this burden on the office. It takes a very long time to chase after the money once the treatment is over. In addition to being able to give the dental office the ability to say, “Yes, we offer payment options,” you should also see a higher monthly collection rate and a lower problem with outstanding debts. Then you are looking for money! Improve patient relationships and recovery rates with excellent dental financial agreements and solid scripts. And don`t be afraid to practice! Practice makes perfect!! If a dental treatment requires more than one appointment, you should cut payments in half. Ask for half of the total amount due at the first appointment and the second half when treatment is complete. There are a few things here that are just as important as the document you are presenting! It is important to remember to make eye contact with your patient when presenting a financial agreement. And that`s another good reason to use a script. If we always say pretty much the same thing, we can easily make eye contact with the patient while we speak.

Yes, I said, “We can make financial arrangements.” The idea is to find ways to say yes to the needs of our patients. With 25 years in the field, I have a long, long history of a 101% collection rate and adherence to the treatment plan! Let`s be creative and think outside the box. Next, you want to specify the date of the agreement. Follow this with your patient`s name and date of birth. Thing 1: You feel very comfortable talking about dental treatment. A dental financial agreement is a powerful tool for the dental office. This document allows the dental office to say “YES”! “Yes, we have payment options and yes, we can make financial arrangements!” Use the agreement as a tool to help the front office dental team discuss dental treatment and costs. Download my template below! Adjust this financial arrangement to make it work well for your practice. Or maybe you want to create something completely new and just use it as a starting point. That`s good too.

You can handle this in several ways. You can offer that all cards you keep for advance payments be executed on a specific date each month (such as the 1st of each month). Or you can keep a file for each date of the month and run all the cards you need for each specific date. Advanced prepayment plans work great for patients who need some time to pay. This is where payment plans come into play. And patients who request a payment plan can pay in advance. You can pay every month or every two weeks. Everything that works for them. I do not offer discounts for prepayment plans. You can even fill out a credit card authorization form if you want to automatically charge your patient for a credit card each month on a specific date until their payment is received in full. This way, you don`t have to wait for your patient to send or call their payment.

You wouldn`t forget it and you could just send a receipt and credit statement via email after each payment. . Practice helps! If you need to train and want to play role-playing games with other team members, this is a great way to have a team meeting. It may seem uncomfortable at first, but it will definitely get better. And the team can support and criticize each other. Have fun with it! Even patients with the best intentions encounter surprising events and expenses. If the patient has completed the treatment and after the treatment has accepted 2 monthly payments, then his car breaks down or he loses his job, guess who will be the last on his list of people to pay? The dentist!! The best payment option is full payment at the time of service. I recommend offering a discount for patients who pay in full before treatment! If a patient pays in full at the time of planning, offer them a 10% discount. If you do, add this option to your form. It works very well. Many patients are happy with a discount! Estimated insurance coverage and estimated patient liability will follow. Here I would write: “Estimated insurance coverage = $1000.00.

Estimated patient liability: $1428.00. » Depreciation of dental insurance or not? Amortization of dental insurance[…] It`s easy to just look at the document, fill in the gaps, get signatures, and schedule treatment without taking the break from looking your patient in the eye. To achieve the best results, compliance and authenticity, take your time, stop and make eye contact. Not everyone feels comfortable talking about money. .