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The dual use of raw materials allows us to implement a particularly efficient and low-carbon process. The role of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has played an increasingly important role; it has become a key player in the development of vocational training policies and performs important functions, in accordance with its 2010 agreement with the government. The Chamber has become a key player in qualification planning (developing standards, framework programs and examination procedures for most of the qualifications required for workers` trades), the organization of vocational training exams and quality assurance. “These women must play the dual role of guardian and breadwinner in a difficult environment. In Czech, as in many other languages, a standard double negative is used in negative pronoun or negative conjunction phrases, the verb being also denied (“nikdo nep`i`el” – “no one came,” literally “no one came.” But this doubleness is also transmitted in forms where the verbal copula is released and where the negation is linked to the nominal form, and such a sentence can be ambiguous: “nikdo nezranén” (“healthy person” can mean both “healthy person” and “all healthy”. Similarly, “nep`tomen nikdo” or “pl-novany byly t`i`koly, nesplnén édn” (“three tasks were planned, none not accomplished”). [22] The phrase “véichni tam nebyli” (“not all were there”) does not mean “all absent,” but “they were not all” (at least “at least one of them absent”). If everyone was absent, we would have to say “nikdo tam nebyl” (“Nobody was there”). [23] However, in many cases, a double, triple quadruple can actually work so that each negative removes the next negative, and such a set can be a hook and be incomprehensible to a less attentive or less intelligent recipient. The phrase “Nemohu se nikdy neodévat ne`innosti” (“I can never indulge in inaction”) contains z.B. 4 Negations and it is very disconcerting that they produce a “double negative” and that they are eliminated from each other.

Such confusing phrases can then soften diplomatically or blur rejection or unpleasant information or even agreement, but at the cost of intelligibility: “nelze nevidét” (“he cannot be seen”), “nejsem nespokojen” (“I am not dissatisfied”), “nen`nezaj-mav” (“he/he is not uninteresting”), “nemohu nesouhlasit” (“I cannot”). [24] Due to the decision of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the company cannot pursue alternating vocational training. Background Because of its status as an emerging economy, Mexico has played a dual role for many years, but some products have a dual function, as they can be used either as explosives or as pyrotechnics. The Chamber is also responsible for the accreditation and registration of companies that provide practical training, counter-assignment (validation) and registration of training contracts, as well as the inspection of training offers. In recent years, the Chamber has become a major player in vocational training and, through several agreements with the government, it now plays a dominant role in the design of qualifications (development of standards, framework courses and examination procedures), the organisation of vocational training examinations and quality assurance.