Collective Bargaining Agreement Oregon

4. The Service ensures that workers` complaints are resolved quickly by introducing an appeal procedure within 60 days of filing a written complaint, followed by a complaint to the Labour Relations Board, the Citizens` Rights Division of the Bureau of Laboratories and Industries or another appropriate review body. Workers in collective agreement units must have their claims settled in accordance with the collective agreement. [1979 v.468 No 24; 1997 v.23 No 1] (2) Notwithstanding one of the provisions of ORS 240.235 (compensation plan for classified services), 240,306 (recruitment, selection and promotion of state agents), 240,316 (test service), 240,430 (merit assessment) and 240,551 (working time, leave, leave and leave of classified public service workers), government employees who are in appropriate rate units certified or recognized , have all aspects of their wages, hours and other conditions of employment, through collective agreements between the state and its agencies and the exclusive representatives of the workers of these workers, in accordance with the provisions of ORS 243.650 (definitions of ORS 243.650 until 243.806) until 243.806 (agreement authorising the public employer to make deductions on the wages or salaries of public employees) , except for the recruitment and selection of first-time applicants. The provision of a collective agreement granting current workers rights to lateral broadcasting was valid under this section, and the fact that its implementation resulted in male male employment was not contrary to the statutes of the State Positive Action. State Executive Dept. v. OPEU, 91 Gold App 124, 754 P2d 582 (1988) (1) Any collective bargaining between the state and its agencies and any exclusive representative of certified or recognized workers of classified information is subject to the management and supervision of the Director of the Oregon Department of Administrative Services. 3. The provisions of the Oregon Department of Administrative Services, the themes of which are included in collective agreements, do not apply to workers in appropriate collective agreements.