Cnusd Collective Bargaining Agreement

The agreement would enter into force following the approval of the LBUSD Board of Education and as part of the CSEA ratification process outlined in CSEA 610. The preliminary agreement provides for the possibility of workplace flexibility for the following members of the bargaining unit to work from another site: members of the Teachers Association of Long Beach will vote this week on whether a preliminary agreement should be ratified with the Long Beach Unified School District. The interim contract provides for a 3% pay increase retroactive to July 1, 2013. Until the CSEA membership agreement, the Board of Education would then consider the agreement for final approval. “We are pleased that the negotiating teams have reached this interim agreement,” said Christopher J. Steinhauser, Superintendent of LBUSD. “We believe this contract will help us keep the best and brightest teachers, which is so important for student success.” The appropriate forum for determining workers` allowances and benefits consists of formal collective bargaining by bargaining teams with both the expertise and the legal authority to make recommended decisions. If the school district now concludes negotiations and delays these decisions by a year or more, it would ignore a serious structural weakness in its finances. The negotiating teams are planning additional meetings to work on an agreement. In the meantime, five days of paid professional development are planned to cover teaching on the new learning management system, synchronous and asynchronous pedagogy and taking into account the social emotional needs of students after they return to school. The school district will continue to inform about the negotiations. “We are pleased to announce this preliminary agreement that preserves affordable and quality health care for our teachers, nurses and librarians,” said LBUSD Superintendent Christopher J. Steinhauser.

“At the same time, we commend union management for agreeing to a collaborative approach to long-term cost control. It is a fair agreement that maintains the competitive wage and benefit package of our school district. The interim agreement provides for certain language adaptations in contractual categories of ancillary obligations, replacement services during conference periods, electronic notation and communication, class size and staff, and evaluation procedures.