Beat Lease Agreement Pdf

The licensor retains 100% of the full rights (copyright and ownership) of the instrument and still cannot sell it exclusively and/or exclusively. The licensee has neither the right nor the power to sell or grant all or part of the rights of the instrumental to another party. If another person acquires exclusive rights to your licensed instrumental, you retain your non-exclusive rights in accordance with the restrictions set forth in this Agreement and until such conditions are met. The licensee understands that the composition continues to be offered for sale by the licensor and that it may continue to be leased by the licensor or purchased by another party on a day or at any time. It is only in case of acquisition of “exclusive rights” that the composition is deleted from the site(s) of Fly Guy J and will no longer be sold. Accordingly, licensee agrees to exempt the licensor from all claims, losses, damages, costs, expenses, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys` fees resulting from an alleged breach of any of the lessee`s warranties, warranties or agreements. Audio samples and, where applicable, 3rd party clearance are the sole responsibility of the licensee. Note:. The sale of more than 2,000 copies means that you must acquire a premium leasing agreement or exclusive rights Useful links to understand beat 5 license agreements.

The license expressly prohibits the resale or any other distribution of Beats Planet Productions compositions, either to the extent that they exist or any modification thereof. You may NOT sell, loan, rent, sell, assign or transfer any products sold under Beats Planet or for use in a competing product. By accepting our Terms and Conditions, you agree to receive our regular emails informing you of new versions and services. You can unsubscribe at any time. Unauthorized use or reproduction is a violation of this Agreement and the laws of the United States and other countries. Any copyright infringement is prosecuted in its entirety. 7. Rental rights may be resold to more than one customer. When purchasing rental rights, the seller still owns the beats and the seller may resell the beat(s) to any other party until the exclusive rights are acquired. 2. The default location contains an encoded MP3 file of the unlabeled song. Once the payment is confirmed, the song file(s) are provided via a download page.

Standard Lease allows you to use the beat (or song) for recording or commercial broadcasting. This recording can be distributed at your price up to 2000 copies If the instrumental contains samples, the licensee understands that the sequence and musical arrangement are considered an original work. The licensee agrees that the composition is purchased in the form of “Work Made for Hire”, the release of type documents being the sole responsibility of the licensee. . . .