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List of partner institutions with articulation agreements with the University of Kent, including the Kent Academic School and Course. The University of Kent has joint agreements with institutions around the world where students move directly to Phase 2 or 3 of a pre-approved programme at the end of an agreed period of study at that institution. Time scales can vary enormously and depend on a number of factors. As a general guideline, please allow at least six months between the first application and the conclusion of the articulation contract. The university is aware that articulation and progression agreements can take time to develop, building on budding relationships with partners. A request for articulation/progression usually goes through the following steps: Guide for students who come from articulation partners in Kent Information for partners, employees and students interested in articulation agreements in Kent Our progression agreements formalise a pathway for students from a partner institution who, after successfully obtaining a prize (or partial degree depending on the agreement), is considered with the partner institution for admission to coventry University. If you are interested in an articulation contract or would like to learn more about the associated processes, please click here. Approval of an articulation relationship leads to the signing of a joint agreement (DOCx, 0.2 MB). Important information and details for our articulation partners The University of Sheffield has successfully developed many articulation partnerships. The creation of new partnerships supports the objectives set out in our internationalization strategy by encouraging international student recruitment and increasing the diversity of our student population. The collaborative nature of relationships can also strengthen research partnerships, international academic networks and other types of cooperation. Visit our course page where you will find information about the application. (Be sure to review our “current partnerships and agreements” to see which courses you are eligible for) To come from one of our articulation partners listed below, you must apply directly to Coventry University and be subject to our admission criteria.

Note that there is no guaranteed entry. We have agreements with over 50 partners to formalise tracks for ascent, direct entry or advanced entry into a number of degrees at Coventry University in the UK. A table of current articulation agreements with Kent Articulation arrangements is subject to formal agreements between the parties and careful consideration of the curriculum taught at the partner university. Setting up an articulation involves a number of colleagues from academic and professional services, including Faculty Internationalisation Leads, Partnerships, LeTS, Faculty Finance and Admissions. An articulation agreement is an “agreement with a partner institution (usually abroad) in which the university recognizes cohorts of students who become appropriate programs identified by university staff, specific credits and an advanced position. The articulation is different from the EPA/CL agreements which apply only to individuals. A linked award agreement is a program implemented by an articulation agreement with a partner certified separately by the university and then by the partner institution. Unlike the usual double awards, with the exception of illustrating the equivalence of learning, the two awards are not integrated and the existing Kent Prize is not fit for purpose. .

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