November 14-18 (virtual engagement)

Bring forth the perspective that ‘play’ is a highly creative and innovative way of being. Drawing from Gestalt practices, curiosity research, spiritual traditions, children’s literature/music, and improvisational processes, the workshop will demonstrate that ‘play’ is a ‘zone’ in which our very best ‘work’ can occur. This sheds a new light on the motto ‘work hard, play hard’ … what if great work requires real play?

Friday November 18

4pm – Doors Open & Registration

5pm – Welcome

5:30pm – Keynote

6:30pm – Break & Connecting

7pm – Learning Journey

8pm Close

Keynote: Embracing the Power of Play

In this session, we will first join Professor Nacke as he will tell some exciting stories from the world of game research about how games transform our lives. He will break down why play makes anything more joyful and engaging.

We will pause between the stories to design small games ourselves (using sticky notes, name tags, and sharpies) that we will play in the session and refine after. You will leave with the confidence that anyone can become a game designer and see how play can lead to positive outcomes in your life.

Lennart Nacke

Saturday November 19

8.30m – Doors Open & Registration

9am – Stretch with Scott

9:30am – Learning Journey

10:30am – Break

10:45am – Workshop 1 or 2

12:15pm – Lunch

1:45pm – Learning Journey

2pm – Workshops 3 or 4

3:30pm – Break

3:45pm – Learning Journey

4:45pm – Close

All Weekend

  • Join Kaitlin, Kate and Vince in our facilitated play zone will provide space to have games, creative fune and more
  • Join Thea for Mindfulness Moments at each break

10:45 Workshop 1: Kirsten

The Power of Play to Change the way we work
What if we could harness the unlimited and sustainable Power Of Play to supercharge the way we work? We have an opportunity, at this transitional time, to reimagine work as we’ve known it with a playful approach to all aspects of organizations.
Together in this interactive session we will explore, experiment, and share ways that playfulness can, and has, improved the ways that teams communicate, collaborate and interact with each other.

2:00 Workshop 3: Barbara

Leading Change to Emerge Stronger Together!
Wow, we’ve been through a lot in the last 2.5 years! Our hearts are aching, heads are reeling, and hands are exhausted! Let’s come together and join our hearts, heads and hands to heal, learn and grow – and have fun doing it!

Indeed, any “change” needs an effective purpose (Head), an efficient process (Hands), and engaged people (Heart) – so any “change leader” (aka, all of us!) need to be smart (aka, Change Intelligent®!) about all three. We’ll play three interactive exercises to engage our Hearts, enlighten our Heads and equip our Hands to lead a brighter tomorrow

10:45 Workshop 2: Carina

Top performance at work and elsewhere requires our whole person -the physical, cognitive, personal, social, and inspirational. In this workshop, we’ll demonstrate this in a kinesthetic way.

Participants are invited to bring their competitive A game, and put it in action in a collaborative spirit – just like they would do at work. Together, we will reflect on what happened to gain valuable insights into group and individual performance strengths.

2:00 Workshop 4: Roxana

Have fun together!
Did you know that laughing with someone is a vulnerable thing? When we laugh together, we drop the ‘walls’ and are ‘in the moment’ with each other. We tell each other we appreciate what’s been said, we let them know that what we heard aligns with our values and so we can laugh about it, we are almost literally on the same page as we let each other know we understand and appreciate the context, the wording, the body language, the references. It’s an instantaneous time travel, where we don’t worry about being judged we happily share an authentic part of ourselves.

Sunday November 20

8.30m – Doors Open & Registration

9am – Stretch with Scott

9:30am – Learning Journey

10am – Workshop 5 or 6

11:30am – Brunch

1pm – Learning Journey

1:15pm – The Infamous Mashup Session

2:45pm – Break

3pm – Learning Journey

3:50pm – Close

10:00 Workshop 5: Dan

As changemakers we sometimes feel that we can cause change by introducing some rational arguments or incentives. Perhaps change happens when we learn to like and respect each other. Isn’t that what happens when we play together?

Participants will discover the potential use of improv to unblock pre-existing perceptions by providing a safe space for expression and dialogue where we support one another. The beginning of change. Changemakers may discover that improv is helpful in understanding the gaps between them and those who are being asked to accept change.

10:00 Workshop 6: Courtney

This FUNshop will start the party by discussing research on the benefits of play on all aspects of our health (mentally, physically, and socially). After everyone has an understanding as to why it is so important for adults to make time to play, we will engage in a series of experiential playful activities that are highly interactive and fun. e.g laughter yoga, full body rock, paper scissors,touch down dances together, and so much more!

November 21-25 (virtual engagement)

Play, defined as low-stakes experimentation, is a powerful learning tool to build skills and competencies prior to needing them. It helps us build the bridge before we need it. Through low-stakes experimentation, participants are invited to a “hack-a-than” as we experience play to gamify the 3C Model of Transitioning (courage, curiosity, and compassion).