Key Note: Crafting Change

I come from a theatre background; I worked professionally as a director across Canada for about 15 years before making the shift into designing and facilitating multi-sector system change work. My work in the design and facilitation of system change initiatives is completely informed by my work in theatre. And yet when I tell people that, believe it or not they do not always see the connection.

Today I want to share with you some of the connections that I see between these two worlds and how these connections can guide the development of a craft for system change work.

In theatre, craft is the way artists respond to the central paradox of their work. In theatre you must do something each night that appears to be happening for the first time. To make this happen, theatre artists use craft – practices and principles – to manage emergence. They know the process choices they can rely on to create the best conditions under which the insight or breakthrough can to emerge. And once the energy of this insight is released, they know the how to work with it to extend the possibility further.

Likewise, I believe we can develop a set of practices and principles to guide our work in multi-sector system change initiatives to manage for emergence and more reliably bring forward the results we are looking to achieve.

Ian Prinsloo

Ian Prinsloo is a creative inquiry facilitator; his work focuses on developing the relational quality of groups and using that inter-personal dynamic as the platform for developing innovative solutions to challenges.

Ian works as a senior consultant with Reos Partners ( an international social enterprise that works with people to move them forward on their most important and intractable issues. Reos Partners designs, facilitates, and guides processes that enable teams of stakeholders—even those who don’t understand, agree with or trust one another—to make progress on their toughest challenges.

Ian has been on faculty with Leadership Development at the Banff Centre (now the Peter Lougheed Leadership Institute) designing programs and facilitating custom work for a wide variety of clients.  The focus of this work is the capacity development of leaders to initiate collaborative processes that reframe change as an act of creation.  During this time Ian ran his own consultancy practice working with a wide range of clients across the corporate and non-profit sector.  He is a regular lecturer with the Kaospilots in Denmark since 2011 where he instructs in Creative Process and the Art and Craft of being a Kaospilot.

In his previous life Ian was an award winning freelance theatre director in Canada, as well as being Artistic Director at Theatre Calgary for eight years.  Ian is a published author on the development of the Ensemble Relationship, Metaphoric Thinking, and Creative Process within Social Change.

Ian holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree (theatre studies) from the University of Calgary, is a past alumnae of Leadership Calgary and an accredited facilitator of the Immunity to Change process.  Helping people connect to their inherent ability to create as the leverage point for change is at the centre of all of Ian’s work.

Leslie Willett Black

Leslie Willett Black

Learning Journey Host

Leslie gets to the heart of any situation focusing on creating solutions not the symptoms.

Her successes are based on building trust and clarifying the facts.  Leslie offers a balanced approach combining methodology with the human side for creative solutions.  She delivers with a flexible yet determined self-directed focus.   She consistently demonstrates leadership with a sincere, enthusiastic commitment to translate goals into reality whether working on her own, or inspiring others to action.

Leslie shares her love for life and gift of laughter in whatever she does.

With over 20 years facilitating change, Leslie knows that people matter.   How you show up, and how you work with people is often the difference between good and great results.

Why Toronto Change Days: 

I love Toronto Change Days for what it is, and what it is not.  It is a collaborative time with people that share a common interest of service to others.  Toronto Change Days offers a balance of practical tools with understanding the human elements of change.  TCD is not about business promotion.  People focus their full self to enjoy the learning opportunities and sharing with others.  Toronto Change Days is about connecting, building a community of practice that extends beyond the conference.  I hope to see you there.

Shawn Draisey

Shawn Draisey

Learning Journey Host

Shawn Draisey has been involved with Toronto Change Days since its inception.  In 2019 he facilitated the workshop titled “Living Workplace Values”. In 2020 he has been privileged to be part of the Program and Delivery teams.  He is a graduate of The Second City Improv program completing levels A-E and has performed on the main stage as well as taken Stand Up comedy classes with Larry Horowitz (Humber College).

On a more serious note Shawn has 7 + years in Candidate Sourcing, Talent Acquisition and Career Development (Agency, Corporate and Not for Profit) and is a contract corporate recruiter. His educational background is in Social Work and Career Development.  He is currently pursuing his Fundamentals Certification in the Theory of Constraints, and his CAPM with PMI.  Shawn is active with the Toronto Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis as a student.

Why Toronto Change Days?

I was part of the TCD 2019 learning journey as well as a workshop facilitator ‘Living Workplace Values’ in 2019.  From start to finish the vibe, look and feel is warm, inclusive, curious and refreshing.  It is like no other event gathering out there.  It brings an eclectic group from around the globe to listen, laugh, play, learn, connect and gain wisdom in a span of a few days.

My hopes for the 2020 event are the same.  The TCD community are kindred spirits should we meet in person, or virtually the respect and love is still felt.

2020 Schedule

8.30am Opening the virtual doors to register, connect and network
9.00 am Toronto builds a virtual bridge to Berlin and welcomes Berlin Change Days to share our space for the next 2 hours.
Land Acknowledgement
Rich has a conversation with Holger and Berlin about their experience so far
9.30am Welcome from TCD Hosts and set your energy for the day
Warming up to the experience ahead
9.50am Bio break
10am Keynote: Crafting Change with Ian Prinsloo
11am Goodbye to Berlin and coffee break
11.15am Our hosts will  help you think what you are thinking about as we build our foundations
12.15 pm Lunch Break
1 pm Optional Post Lunch Energizer
1.10pm Reflections and stories of connection
2.10pm Break
2.20pm Building Bridges
3pm Break
3.10pm Metaphors and more
4pm Break
4.10pm Wrap it up with a big bow on top
4.45pm What next and closing comments
5pm Virtual Doors Close

We will also host a virtual coffee house for the day – just bring the coffee and chat with your community at any time during the day