Toronto Change Days is run by volunteers. Meet the team!

Doa Meatham Hasan Al-Tewaj

Every team, Everywhere!

I have a passion for understanding how to meet an unknown future in progressive and sustainable ways. I love reading about Grassroots Innovations, Design Thinking, Industry Disruptors, Circular Economy and Social Businesses that have people at the heart of their mission. Currently, I am an intern for Rich at Capillary Consulting with an undergrad in Education Science, and now studying Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School.

I am honoured to be able to help out with Toronto Change Das, and attend the conference. I look forward to learning from every attendee, and see how practitioners from various fields work with change in their lives!

Kim Badder

Finance team

I’ve been a Change Practitioner in municipal government for 10 years with a focus on building change management competency and capacity within the organization.

I am proud to contribute to the success of the Toronto Change Days and eager to connect and learn from experiences and interaction with others who are immersed and passionate about change.

Nik Beeson

Communications Director & Co-founder 

I’m is a change consultant,  professional coach, presenter, writer and workshop designer specialising in curiosity and disruption. I’m also the director of Curiosity Culture which focuses on cultivating curiosity and resilience, and the co-founder of Toronto Change Days. 

We’re living in an era in which change is rapid, complex and disruptive. In response, as change consultants and facilitators, we need to be able to create learning experiences which have real impact.  Berlin Change Days is an environment in which highly experiential and challenging workshops are expected and welcomed. I wanted to find a way of bringing the dynamism, warmth, and adventurousness of the Berlin Change Days experience to Toronto. So, with my colleague and amigo Rich Batchelor, and an amazing cast of volunteers, we did!

Karin Camus

Communications Team

My name is Karin Camus I started as an Intern Student, Project Manager for the second Phase of the Conference Toronto Change Days, and I decided to keep volunteering because I believe in this project. I have seen from inside how much dedication everyone put to create results.  As an Industrial Engineer, I have enjoyed so much this work, asking, knowing and giving shape to the TCD Procedures.

Toronto is ready for an active change management, this won’t be just a conceptual conference.  You can make it happen, get ready for this unique experience.

Tammy Elliot

Venue Team

As a seasoned Human Resources professional, I have come to see the need for and act as a change conduit over the past 15 years. I’m pleased to work with my fellow change colleagues in helping bring this inaugural conference to life, supporting a community of practice for change professionals within Toronto. I’m looking forward to meeting you there!

Katy Knox

Venue & Communications Teams

My name is Katy Knox and I have been a Change Management practisioner for over 10 years. Started out in Project Management and realized that your project can only ever succeed if the business is ready to adopt and ultimately own the delivered project – this is what led  me to focus on change management, transformation and business readiness.

I am volunteering with Toronto Change Days because I believe we deserve better.  I am tired of the standard reguritated business concepts at conferences. I don’t want to listen to an “expert head” simply read slides to me. I want to be engaged, I want to be energized and challenged and forge forward with new and creative ideas and concepts. I believe in the concept of Toronto Change Days and that it is a smarter and more engaged way of learning and growing myself personally and professionally.

Ha Phung

Finance team

Ha is a Project Manager graduated from George Brown College, as well as an International Business Management Certificate from Niagara College. He also has background in Human Resources from
University of Commerce that he graduated in Vietnam.

After 5 months working with Rich Batchelor in a project, under his guidance and enthusiasm towards Change Management, Ha grew interests and curiosity of Change and was looking for opportunities to practice Change. Therefore, Toronto Change Days is a great opportunity for Ha to participate, experience the event as well as create a network with Change Management experts.

Sandeep Aujla

Communications Team, MC

Sandeep is an Industrial-Organizational Psychology Practitioner who serves as a change strategist and speaker. She partners with leaders responsible for creating impactful changes in their organizations. Sandeep supports organizational change management through provision of consultations to change teams, keynotes at large-scale change events, and change capabilities’ training to leads across organizational levels. Sandeep also works one-on-one with individuals leading organizational or personal changes.

Rich Batchelor

TCD Director & Co-founder

I’ve been playing in the change space for over 25 years and have a passion for sharing my insights with others. I’ve a whole alphabet of qualification letters I can call upon, but I truly believe that our focus needs to return to the delivery of change both with and for people and stop doing it to people! My university’s motto was “Do Different” and I’ve have lived by that my whole life – I enjoy disruption, I love curiosity and I believe that we can learn by playing, which allows me to bring in Lego® – I’m also a certified Lego® Serious Play® facilitator.

I have followed Berlin Change Days since its inception, and loving the concept and personality of the conference I was energized to bring it to Toronto. I’ve delivered experiences in Berlin with Nik, beyond the normal, and it was an obvious choice that we should take on this endeavour together. I echo Holger Nauheimer – founder of Change Days – I want to have a conference I really want to attend. With the help of an awesome group of self sacrificing volunteers, I’m excited to start this up in Toronto.

Carlos Calderon

Communications Team

Carlos is a relationship builder with international work experience. His education and previous work experience include an engineering degree and he recently completed a Project Management postgraduate certificate at George Brown College.  He currently works at a Change Management consultancy doing project management, marketing and social media.

Kellen David

Venue Team

Kellen originally hails from Northern Ontario with many years of experience in the hospitality industry, specifically hotel/motel entrepreneurship. He has since relocated to Toronto to further his studies and is a recent graduate from the Project Management postgraduate program at George Brown College.
Kellen first became involved in change management through Capillary Consulting’s Certified Change Agent program. The knowledge and experience gained through his involvement has lead him to further his learning into change & change management and to implement change practices/techniques into his workplaces.

Ashraful Hassan

Finance team

As the founder and CEO of Impactrio – I am a conduit for impact measurement and change management, with over 7 years of domestic and international experiences in supporting more than 50 social and policy innovations. Whether it is to continue funding a program, to build a platform to promote innovations, to establish a new venture, or to scale them; I help organizations design the program, develop the impact strategy, evaluate performance, and measure impact.

My professional curiosity always drives my search for better learning and better way of learning. “Toronto Change Days” is an excellent opportunity to have a collaboratively learning experience.

Michelle Lee

Communications Team

My name is Michelle Lee and I am an aspiring project manager whose eyes have been opened by change management. I have learned that it is the resiliency of the individuals involved who act as the key factor in driving the success and longevity of a project.

As I am new to change management, I intend to broaden my personal and professional perspectives through the experience of new concepts and challenges. Therefore, I have continued to assist in the creation of Toronto Change Days to grow alongside the project and have my agility developed, boundaries defined, and curiosity filled with wonders.

Rodion Rogov

Finance team

I’m a change and project management expert passionate about strategic implementation and solving organizational challenges. I’m also currently completing my Masters in Science in Strategic Planning, .

The reason I chose to volunteer with Toronto Change Days is to expand my knowledge of change management, as nothing lives in a vacuum. As Project Management professionals we have to be aware of the impact our work has on individuals and organizations as a collection of individuals, and be accountable for the change we bring.